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Don Connex is a professional Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly manufacturer with 30 years’ experience, we adopt IDC Connector and Flat Ribbon Cable from our own local factory, to satisfy custom-made requirement with IDC solutions.

IDC Header Manufacturer

Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd. ensures all of our IDC Socket and IDC Connector are affordable and priced competitively with other similar products on the market. Our prime focus is to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our clients in a cost-effective manner. Also, if you’re unsure of which manufacturer to opt for, then take a look at our range of IDC Socket, offering superb build and sound quality at affordable prices.
IDC Header


1.27*1.27mm (half pitch) IDC socket adopts Beryllium Copper as contact material, possesses high strength and flexibility.  

Furthermore, its four finger contact terminal design offers supreme contact performance with best reliability.

Besides Gold Flash contact plating, 10u” Inch Gold plating is available in material storage as standard option.  

The product not only fulfills wire to board (C42~C44, half pitch male header) but also wire to wire (A70, half pitch header IDC type) connection.

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Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd. is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the Flat Cable Assembly, Connector, IDC CONNECTOR. Founded in 1985, Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of IDC Socket and IDC Connector are recognized throughout the sports and fitness industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery.