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Don Connex is a professional Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly manufacturer with 30 years’ experience, we adopt IDC Connector and Flat Ribbon Cable from our own local factory, to satisfy custom-made requirement with IDC solutions.

Centronic IDC Supplier in Taiwan

Our Centronic IDC is with a piece of ribbon structure and a row of pin headers, a ribbon connector is a type that allows a cable to be forced onto sharp tines on the back of the contacts. Also, the joints at the end are known as the IDC Connector.


Totally 9 kinds of Centronic IDC type series product in pitch 2.16mm will be terminated with 1.27mm flat ribbon cable.

The series includes male and female, position 14, 24, 36 and 50.

Except for fixed material PBT insulator and phosphor bronze contact , each product contains multiple options for customer to satisfy their customized requirement: contact plating, shell (all plastic or metal), mounting method (through-hole, thread insert 4-40 UNC or M3) and accessories (Strain Relief and latch).

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Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy distributor in IDC Connector, and we're also involved with Centronic IDC and IDC Connector. All our products are precisely developed by a creative team of professionals as per contemporary market trends. Contact us at / for further information.