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Don Connex is a professional Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly manufacturer with 30 years’ experience, we adopt IDC Connector and Flat Ribbon Cable from our own local factory, to satisfy custom-made requirement with IDC solutions.

Edge Card Connector Supplier in Taiwan

In today's high-tech market, those who innovate are the ones who will thrive. Here at Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd., we constantly strive to improve upon our product line and are committed to keeping in touch with our clients. Manufactured with finest materials, Edge Card Connector ensures you durability and quality.


2.54mm edge card IDC type connectors are designed for 1.27mm flat ribbon cable termination, and customers are able to choose Brass or Phosphor Bronze as contact material.

We develop edge card connector with different characteristic (A08a, High Retention Force type) and several special functions: Strain Relief, plug key, mounting ear and vertical mounting ear.

In 2.54mm edge card domain, you could design your module with maximum flexibility and find various solutions by Don Connex.

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As a result, we have the distinction of being known as a world leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of high quality, high volume connectors throughout the world. For more details about our Edge Card Connector, please contact with us immediately.